Wheelchair Distribution – 2019

Ashraful and Maryam of Erandah village of Raiganj police station in Sirajganj district. Ashraful and Miriam are two brothers and sisters. Ashraful is 35 years old and Miriam is 32 years younger than they are. Ashraful and Maryam did not finish that young age. They rode on mom’s lap or rubbed in the ground. There were dangers that could happen if there were sharp sacks in the ground. But there was no way! That means buying a wheelchair. The report is disseminated which comes to our attention. After our attention, we contact different aspirants. Immediately Dr. Nasrin Jahan Mam and Yusuf brother came forward. Ashraful and Miriam were very happy to get the wheelchair and prayed for the two wheelchair providers. We are going to take care of us with a lot of hard work. Even though we have trouble getting wheelchairs, we will eat? There is no end to the idea of ​​eating. We may be satisfied with the beautiful pictures of distribution. But there are many sacrifices behind it. It is not possible to buy a wheelchair and carry it to the rickshaw as a laborer, then to courier, and again to bear the burden of the workers. They believe that Bangladesh will be changed by them for free.

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